Whether you're a small business without any specific marketing expertise in house
or perhaps your marketing team need some extra support on a project by project basis
Outsource Marketing Solutions can help...

Marketing Consultancy | Direct Marketing | E-Marketing
Telemarketing | Competitive Research | Copywriting

Marketing Consultancy

Can't see the wood for the trees? Perhaps you just need someone to bounce some of your ideas off? We're great at listening and offering guidance that will help you to formalise some of those ideas into a marketing plan. Lets us help to break down some of those projects into bite-size workable chunks that will deliver your business objectives on target and within budget.

Why not invite Outsource Marketing Solutions to be part of your in-house marketing team? There’s no need to employ a full-time marketing or sales manager, simply pay for the time you use on an hourly basis.

Outsource Marketing Solutions - taking your business to the next level.

Direct Marketing

Got a brilliant idea but no-one to tell it to? Let us help. We can develop your idea, design a creative marketing piece with copy that makes your customers sit up and listen and more importantly – respond!

Outsource Marketing Solutions can provide competitive quotes for mailing and the provision of new data if necessary.


Got a great database but not sure what to tell them about your business?
Let us help – we can design and create an e-marketing piece that links directly to your website or landing page.

You will be able to monitor the success of the mailing piece immediately. Consider creating two side by side, comparing results of different products or services.

Simply supply your data as an Excel file and Outsource Marketing Solutions will get your mailing out to your customer base, delivering immediate results directly to you. Detailed results will be made available to you so that you can measure the success of the campaign and more importantly, the return it has brought on your investment.


We’re not a call centre! Telemarketing is a very different skill that involves contacting the decision makers and establishing a relationship with them over the phone to build confidence in the product or service you are offering.

If you need to revive old leads, clean your database, develop new business leads or sound out the market for a new product launch then Outsource Marketing solutions can help, working remotely or in house.

Competitive Research

Your business is doing quite well – or so you think!

Are you aware of what your competitors are up to? Do you know what products or services they are currently promoting and how much they are charging?

Why not commission Outsource Marketing to review your competitors – we will look at their website, call them to express an interest in their product or service and provide you with any corporate literature they are using to promote their business.


Do you need a different thought process or an opinion on a press release or a news letter or perhaps your client brochure needs updating.

Give our ‘wordsmiths’ a try and you might find that it inspires you to view the content from a different perspective and provide you with the creative input you need.