Placed an ad to get the phones ringing and all it did was
make other media owners aware of your business?

Media Planning | Media Buying

Media Planning

Don't be fobbed off by a cheap deal or the perceived added value of a free editorial piece for your business – media planning is a skill that involves understanding the profile of the readership, listening or viewing audience and matching that with your target market.

Media isn’t just a numbers game – the circulation/listenership may be high but how much wastage are you paying for?

Creativity isn’t just in the look of the ad – which media or combination of media you use is equally as important.

Position is key - Creative media buying will give you stand out over your competitors, increase awareness of your brand and generate sales.

Once the right media has been selected, it is important to consider all of the advertising options available to you whether they are in print, or digital.

Our media planning service will look at relevant media that will reach your target audience, provide an overview of the editorial and socio-demographic/lifestyle profiles, and provide estimated costings.

Media Buying

Expertise in understanding the worth of that media to your business and negotiating the space or airtime to provide a cost effective media campaign that drives results, through a combination of awareness and sales.

For guidance on Digital Media, National Press, Regional Press, Business to Business Press, Outdoor, Radio, Experiential Media contact our media experts.

Simply contact us to discuss how we can turn your media nightmare into an advertising dream.